TymeIt Security Architecture

We are growing our paid subscribers. It increases our responsibility towards user security and privacy.

Our commitment to user security and privacy is unwavering.

TymeIt uses AWS for its infrastructure. With AWS, the biggest security breach is unauthorized access to root/admin privileges and passwords. In no time, the entire platform can be shut down and data wiped out resulting in Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack.

To make sure our AWS security is not breached, we employ these practices.

  • Secure AWS credentials from loss and theft.
  • Don't store AWS credentials inside code repository i.e. GIT, SVN etc.
  • Don't share AWS credentials with anybody or everybody.
  • Rotate AWS credentials on regular intervals.
  • Rotate AWS credentials when someone with access leaves the business.
  • Get NDA signed by everyone with access.
  • Create appropriate Identity-And-Access Management (IAM) groups, roles, policies and users.
  • Differentiate between Production, Sandbox and Development Environment.
  • Don't access AWS services from a public internet.

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Aug 13, 2018