Why was Tymeit started?

Our founders are passionate about new ideas. While they work on their own ideas, they meet & discuss new ideas in their social settings.

Genesis of TymeIt goes back to 2015. While working on his prior startup, our founder, Gaurav Jain, wanted to discuss a new idea with his friend, Erik. So, he thought of scheduling a lunch and texted Erik. Erik agreed to the lunch. Gaurav decided to send a lunch invite to Erik.

To do so, Gaurav had to switch from messaging app to a calendar app & needed Erik's email address. So, he had to switch back to messaging app to ask for email. Erik, by mistake, provided an incorrect email address. Gaurav sent the lunch invite on the wrong email address.

Erik never got the invite and assumed the lunch is not happening. Until, he texted Gaurav again and provided the correct email address.

It was a painful experience. Gaurav decided to solve the problem by bringing calendar inside messaging ecosystem integrated by phone number.

Thus, eliminating the need for email address & multiple identities to communicate & schedule.