How Much It Costs To Operate A Mobile Startup?

We are growing our paid subscribers. During the process, we were asked how much it costs to operate our startup?

We are a scheduling platform which provides best QoS across multiple platforms. Our services are available on iOS and Android platforms with www coming soon.

Operating cost depends on various factors but QoS plays a vital role in deciding the cost of the startup. High QoS means higher operating costs.

QoS is directly proportional to the quality of resources used by the startup.

Without going into TymeIt specifics, we outline the minimum requirements on annual basis. Salaries may vary from $20K - $30K (plus or minus). Not including perks!

  • iOS Architect $175K
  • Android Architect $175K
  • Server (Calendar) Architect $175K
  • Server (Messaging) Architect $175K
  • QA Architect $175K
  • Product Architect $175K
  • UI/X Architect $175K
  • Operations Architect $175K
  • Sales & Marketing $175K
  • Infrastructure$25K
  • ------------------------------------------------------

  • Total$1.6M / year

If the startup needs to protect itself against resource attrition, it needs to build a redundancy. That would mean, the net cost would become:

$1.6M * 2 = $3.2M / year

Of course, this cost can be brought down substantially by low cost resources and compromising on QoS provided to the end user.

However, we at TymeIt care about our paid subscribers. They pay us money to get the best QoS and we are committed to provide just that, no matter what it takes.

May 27, 2018