I Show Up On Time, Always!

One of the motivation for us to start TymeIt was our respect for Consistency.

While working with multi-national organizations, we observed a peculiar social behavior. People show up on time while meeting higher-ups/bosses but they do not follow the same behavior meeting peers, subordinates or friends.

We found it strange as well as inconsistent. We pondered over it. Does that mean a higher authority can change our behavior how we interact with other people?

We at TymeIt refuse to accept this inconsistency. There is no authority in this universe which can change how we interact with others.

We have equal respect for a boss, peer or a friend.

So, if we are showing up on time, it is because of our consistency, not because of fear of authorities. It does not matter to us who are we meeting because:

We Just Show Up On Time, Always!

May 22, 2018