Our Experience with Apple's 'App Review Team'

Our experience with Apple's "App Review Team (ART)". Apple usually approves our app within 24-hours of submission. Of course, we do our homework well before submission. However, not much is known about Apple's ART.

We always wondered if the app review is done by humans or has Apple automated the whole app review process. Do they review all the apps or do they review only selective apps?

With millions of apps worldwide, how can humans review and approve apps within 24-hours of submission?

At one point, we thought humans are not involved in app review process. But, we found that humans are definitely involved in the app review process.

Recently, we changed our business model which now requires users to pay annual subscription once free trial expires. Befor submitting our app for approval, we did all the necessary steps. But, ART missed one subtle detail to get past free trial expiration. So, they contacted us and asked for a call. They scheduled, made the call, clarified, reviewed and approved our app with-in 24-hours after first contact.

We were pleasantly surprised that Apple's ART does take the time and effort to review and approve/reject apps as needed. Good Job Apple!

May 13, 2018